The web site you are viewing is currently being constructed by a team of incredibly skilled web site construction workers. Please go away or you will distract them.

I'm serious. They are all very tough. They each have a toolbelt crammed full of tools.

And of course pouches for nails and screws, which hold in place the pictures and animations and certain weight-bearing text blocks. The workers are incredibly busy and do not have time for you.

Do not shout or cat-call at them because this distracts them, thereby delaying your own enjoyable access to this web site.

They have a radio to listen to and that's all they need.

Under no circumstances are you to cross the CAUTION tape and skirt in amongst the rebar and little painted marker sticks in hopes of touching or interacting with any of the workers. This will only annoy them, I assure you.

Your hooliganism and mischief will not be tolerated. The web site workers are here to work, not to chase away horseplay. Close this window at once.

They are all extremely well-paid and can afford luxery vacations to nice places basically whenever they want. In fact, I think they are all going on vacation once work here is completed. They are part of a union and none of their human rights have been violated.

Worker #4 was an isolated incident and the issue is being looked into. By professionals.

There is nothing here, I swear.

You're wasting your life.

Surely there is laundry or something to be done. Please leave.

When is the last time you've even looked at the clouds? Go outside for once.

Fine. I'll admit it. I'm the only site construction worker. I don't have enough money to pay other people to help. As you can see, I haven't built much. I don't even know what half these tools are for. And I lied about the vacation bit.

If you want to kill time, you can read a few things I've written: